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We have been in business since 2007
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Just because it’s septic doesn’t mean it can’t be done with excellence

Our services include:

  • Yearly Maintenance  Contracts
  • Aerobic System Repairs & Service Calls
  • Pumping Of Both Aerobic & Conventional Systems
  • Installing New Septic Systems
  • Is your alarm on?
  •  Have your sprinklers quit working?
  • Does your system have a bad odor?
  • Have questions about your septic system?
  • Unhappy that your existing company is not responding to you?

If you have any of these problems, we can help!  Call 903-926-1675

Did you know odor from an aerobic system is not due to having no chlorine?
If the aerobic part of your system is in balance, it will not smell.
There are a number of reasons for your aerobic system to emit an unpleasant odor.

High water use will cause a number of undesirable things to happen.  It will flush the good bacteria to the pump tank where it will die and cause an odor.  High flow rates will also cause more solids to move through the system because they don’t have time to settle out.  Solids in your pump tank will clog the pump screen and cause a strain which will seriously shorten it’s life.  This situation will mean the system has to be pumped more often.  High flow rates also throw the aerobic bacteria out of balance with more effluent to process than there is bacteria to clean it up.  The result is water that is still septic going to the sprinklers and spread on your lawn.  Not good.

Aerobic System DON”TS

  • No Grease:  It will not be treated
  • No WIPES!!!  Yes they will flush, but they won’t break down!
  • NO automatic toilet bowl cleaners!  Kills good bacteria EVERY flush
  • No single “wash day” of the week!  too much flow.